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    Is Omega Here? 5819 Reads questions
    I have just been on Microdigital's revamped website

    The Omega is described in the same vein as a Mico.

    Does this mean that the Omega is now a sale-able product? If so perhaps they will be at the Birmingham show :-)

    Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, October 25, 2001   

    You do run RON, run? 4474 Reads hardware
    According to RISCOS Ltd. Funding has been secured for the RON (RISC OS on Netbook) project. This project will now be going ahead.

    Posted by StevePotts on Tuesday, October 23, 2001 Read full article: 'You do run RON, run?'   

    I am setting up a RISC OS banner network, basiclly you put a banner on your RISC OS related website and your site will be advertised on other RISC OS related websites.
    This is a free service, the only cost is putting a banner on your website.
    To join click here

    Posted by andrewduffell on Sunday, October 21, 2001   

    I've just uploaded some photos from RISC OS 2001. If you are interested, go to:

    Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, October 21, 2001   

    Cerilica will naturally be attending the largest RISC OS Show to be held in the South of England on the 20/21st October. Being the first show that Cerilica Vantage (RISC OS' latest 'killer app') will be available over the counter, we are ensuring all visitors will have a great chance to see the package perform before their eyes. For this show, TRUISM 2.5 will presented for the first time illustrating exactly why Vantage will bring RISC OS into new professional publishing arenas. Optimisation has also taken place for users of the ViewFinder video graphics upgrade to provide enhanced redraw speeds.

    Posted by MyRISCOS on Wednesday, October 17, 2001 Read full article: 'Cerilica at RISC OS 2001'   

    No CD yet but the site is now open, so Select members can download the content.

    Posted by peterd on Wednesday, October 17, 2001   

    The AAUG stand at the RISC OS 2001 show will feature the first ever public appearance of the infamous Phoebe - RiscPC2

    Many rumours have existed about whether such a machine exists - and we can now silence all those sceptics who claimed that Phoebe never actually worked.

    Complete with RevT StrongARM, IOMD2, VIDC20, PCI Slots and SDRAM (although lacking a CDROM and floppy!) Phoebe will be powered up and running so you can see how fast she actually would have been!!

    For more information on the RISC OS 2001 show, and to purchase tickets, visit the show website at

    For more information on the AAUG, visit


    The first attempt at a new theme for My RISC OS has been uploaded for you to try out and comment on.

    The theme is loosly based on the ExtraLite theme but now introduces some colour!

    Try it our by changing your theme preferences in Your Account

    Posted by MyRISCOS on Sunday, October 14, 2001 Read full article: 'New Theme for My RISC OS'   

    Free MidiWorks 3370 Reads applications
    The Acorn User Award winning sequencer MidiWorks
    is now free for download!

    Check it out here:

    Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, October 14, 2001   

    The Wakefield Acorn Computer Group will be attending the North Wakefield Radio Rally this Sunday at:

    Outwood Grange High School

    Potovens Lane Outwood

    Wakefield West Yorkshire WF1 2PF

    Do come and visit the WACG stall at the rally, if you can make it.


    Round #3 of the Codecraft Acorn Minimal Coding Competition is over. The results are available online at All entries can be downloaded from there as well.

    Posted by mrhill on Wednesday, October 10, 2001   

    Artex Software have announced the re-release of their BotKiller 2 platform puzzle game as freeware.

    They have also included a level editor, so when you get tired of the pre-defined levels, you can spend many a happy hour inventing your own.

    Download details: BotKiller 2

    Posted by MyRISCOS on Saturday, October 06, 2001   

    Further to their newsgroup announcement a few days ago, Melotech has decided to reduce the price of the two second-user RiscPCs they are selling.

    Get a StrongARM system for a mere £229.99 including delivery in the United Kingdom. No VAT to pay.

    There are just two machines and this is a one-off offer. First come, first served.

    Visit Melotech's special offer page.

    Posted by arenaman on Sunday, September 30, 2001   


    I've got a problem with my work's laptop, I've managed to delete an NTFS Partition (BIG MISTAKE), but the data still exists and would be recoverable with a tool called EasyRecovery from OnTrack (I've only got the trial version, which has found the files, but refuses to recover them unless I buy the full version). Trouble is, I would need a second hard drive to recover to and as far as I can tell, the laptop can't take a second drive.

    I do own an APDL Datasafe and in theory could use this, if DOS drivers exist.

    Alternatively (and probably simpler), could anyone suggest a FREE tool for DOS which might "UNDELETE" my NTFS partition??? Then I wouldn't have to use tools to recover odd files.

    Apologies for off topic (PC) questions, but I think I'm likely to get more useful responses from the RISC OS community.

    Thanks in advance.

    This message has been slighlty editted - none of the content though has been changed - PFJ

    Posted by StevePotts on Wednesday, September 26, 2001 3827 Reads announcements
    Once again, I am apologising for the lack of response to email that may have been sent to or I don't know why, but the 'catch all' facility has just ceased to work. I was not aware of this - the problem I fixed was on my RiscPC.

    Thanks to Ian Macfarlane, a user,I have been made aware of this and have fixed the problem.

    All enquiries should now be emailed to

    This has been tested and found to work.

    Apologies for the problems. Please do resend any requests to the above address and I will be happy to action them.

    Posted by arenaman on Wednesday, September 26, 2001   

    There have been several new entries to the My RISC OS logo competition.

    Alex Buchanan has submitted a collection of draw files and an entry has been received from Harmsy.

    Note: More entries!!
    Posted by MyRISCOS on Monday, September 24, 2001 Read full article: 'My RISC OS logo competition 2'   

    Are you a dual language speaker/writer?

    Do you want My RISC OS to be more multi-lingual?

    Can you spare a few minutes/week to act as an administrator for non-english news postings (mostly) on My RISC OS?

    If so, get in touch, My RISC OS needs you!


    Andy Jackson was inspired by the release of XML tools for RISC OS by Justin Fletcher the other week.

    Andy has ported the widely utilized Expat utilities and the Sablotron XSLT processor.

    With the advent of these utilities, there should be some pretty interesting developments with RISC OS applicatons using XML. One such suggestion from Andy himself, is the potential to add Mozilla-style XML/XSLT browsing features to native RISC OS browsers!

    Note: For further details, utilities and explainations about XML/XSLT please see this recent article
    Posted by MyRISCOS on Thursday, September 20, 2001 Read full article: 'More XML/XSLT utilities for RISC OS!!'   

    Anybody interested in contributing to the WebsterXL wish list? It's a bit quiet in there!


    6:30pm for 7:15pm Wednesday 19th September (Latest Update)

    Included in this meeting will be

    • An update on the My RISC OS portal ( by Jeremy Coates of Co-Comp Ltd.
    • Paul Middleton (Managing Director, RISCOS Ltd) demonstrating, and answering questions on, RISC OS 4+ and the Select Scheme.


    Here are the results of my little "What is your screen resolution and bitdepth whilst browsing" poll. This poll was specifically targeted at people using/interested in RISC OS, although they would not necessarily have to be using a RISC OS machine to do their browsing with. In short, the results should somewhat reflect the screen settings of people who are the target audience of RISC OS related websites.

    The results of this little poll have helped me in making some decisions about the new design for our website and I post these results here in the hope that they may be useful to others as well.

    Posted by pervect on Monday, September 17, 2001 Read full article: 'Browsing resolution+bitdepth poll-result'   

    From comp.sys.acorn.announce...

    Paul Vigay has fixed a bug that causes marcel to display blank messages.

    Read on for full details.


    As webmaster of I would like to begin by apologising for the lack of a link from the web site to the location of the CDs which have been there since the beginning of the week. Unfortunately the upload of these CDs coincided with me having to wade through a lot of paperwork regarding personal matters and so links to the CDs were not made until last night. However, I accept no responsibility for the good or bad quality of the structure of what would have been on the CD. Any broken links within the contents of the would-be CD are dealt with by a third party. I was only asked to link to those CDs as soon as they were uploaded. Again, I'd like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and will endeavour to avoid this problem again.

    [A link to The CD's]

    Posted by Tuano on Thursday, September 13, 2001   

    (My) RISC OS Glossary 4892 Reads collaboration
    The time has come to get the definitive RISC OS Glossary moving...

    • Heard a term that relates to RISC OS but you're not sure what it means?
    • Used a RISC OS term and had to explain it to someone else?
    • Invented a RISC OS term and want to give the definitive explanation?

    Then submit your terms/comments/interpretations with this article and we'll see how far it grows.

    Posted by MyRISCOS on Thursday, September 13, 2001 Read full article: '(My) RISC OS Glossary'   

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