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    Current News


    News in from the Cerilica folks...


    For all users of Cerilica Vantage, Draw, Ovation, Impression, TextEase, TechWriter, EasyWriter, etc.!

    Cerilica is proud to announce that its its latest brand-new software pack has been officially released.

    Posted by bluebottle on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 Read full article: 'Cerilica release Press Pack II'   

    WISHLUG cancellation 6561 Reads linux
    The Wigan and St. Helens Linux User Group (WISHLUG) meeting which was supposed to be this Saturday in Wigan has, unfortunately had to be cancelled until

    August 3rd 2002

    This is due to family illness.

    Posted by bluebottle on Wednesday, July 17, 2002   

    Roy Heslop, head chappy at RiscStation has sent us through some much needed information regarding the laptop.

    "First, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have waited patiently for news on the laptop. I can appreciate that people are waiting and have paid up and that the delays are very annoying, but I can say that the wait is almost over"

    Note: Which hardware will be first to market? Vote in our poll

    The next meeting of the RISC OS North West User Group (RONWUG) will be:

    The MicroDigital Omega
    David Atkins (Managing Director, MicroDigital Ltd)

    7pm for 7:45pm, Wednesday 17th July 2002

    Trafford Metrovick Rugby & Cricket Club
    Finnybank Road
    M33 6LR

    Not only should the prototype be on display to see and try out, but David will of course be talking about the Omega, and about MicroDigital's wider development programme and future plans. MicroDigital's activities are much more extensive than just producing a couple of computers, and this is the chance to hear the details from David himself (rather than by rumour from other sources). There will also be the opportunity for questions.

    Posted by dgs on Tuesday, July 09, 2002 Read full article: 'Omega at RISC OS North West User Group!'   

    RISC OS Web Counter 7771 Reads worldwideweb
    The RISC OS Banner Network has now expanded into the field of web counters. We currently only host text based counters, but hope to add imaged based counters in the future.

    The counter can be implemented onto your site either server side or client side, both have the same effect and appearance.

    To get a counter please visit our website.

    Posted by andrewduffell on Saturday, July 06, 2002   

    In the week where those lucky bods at the Wakefield RISC OS User Group managed to see the all sparkly Microdigital Omega first hand, that we get this in from RISCOS Ltd

    Select in now available for all Mico users. As special installer is available on the Select website and if you want the CD version, just ask!

    This is indeed excellent news, it also means that it's two down, one to go on getting the new version of everyones favourite operating system, RISC OS. Let's hope it arrives soon!

    Posted by bluebottle on Thursday, July 04, 2002   

    Steve Potts, the man who arranged the meeting at Wakefield for one of the first demonstrations of the Microdigital Omega, has been kind enough to post a few pictures up on his website.

    According to Steve, "an interesting night was had by all with plenty of questions and answers and best of all, seeing the Omega in action"

    Note: Read more for details of new photos! (5/7/2002)

    Interesting snippet on El Reg over the latest updated from M$.

    Basically, you download the latest updated to their Media Player and give them administrator rights to your machine for them to install software remotely with blow all notice as to when this will happen. The giving of the admin rights has been accepted by you by downloading the software.

    Note: How to improve your PC's security in one easy step. Remove Windows. Neither Microsoft nor MyRISCOS can be held to account for any damage to your machine by reading this article, though those dodgy images in C:/myfiles/hidden/bigbertha/ are quite nice ;-p
    Posted by bluebottle on Wednesday, July 03, 2002 Read full article: 'Give yourself to us....'   

    In another one of our exclusive interviews, Paul Middleton, head man at RISCOS Ltd has been kind enough to have a chat... Here's what he had to say, (completely unedited except for formatting)

    PFJ Paul F. Johnson
    PM Paul Middleton

    Note: Interview took place prior and post Wakefield 2002. MyRISCOS would like to thank Paul Middleton for taking the time to answer the questions posed.
    Posted by bluebottle on Tuesday, July 02, 2002 Read full article: 'Paul Middleton talks to MyRISCOS'   

    In case it's passed your attention, the Microdigital website seems to be getting updated now more often than something which gets updated quite frequently.

    It has tonnes of news, very interesting developments on the software front (I'm intregued to say the least over the three pronged attack) and of course, news of their Omega machine.

    Note to other RISC OS hardware companies

    Follow the lead set by MD. Give us information!!!

    Posted by bluebottle on Sunday, June 30, 2002   

    Peter Naulls has opened up his port scheme which for a minute 25 quid for 6 months enables you to get a pile of RISC OS ports, with support, of some really good software.

    For more details, have a look Peter's website


    Due to the unfortunate unavailability of Jack Lillingston from Castle Technology, who has some business commitments, the Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club have had a last minute change of event for this Wednesday (3rd of July).

    We have luckily been able to arrange an alternative guest speaker. David Atkins from Microdigital has agreed to visit us with an Omega Computer. Why not come along to see one in action.

    Guests are more than welcome to our meetings, although non-members pay a small fee for entry (£1.50). Meetings are held at the West Yorkshire Sports & Social Club in Sandal, Wakefield and start at 7:45pm.

    Full details of the club venue are available on the club website at Free parking and bar facilities are available at the venue.

    Steve Potts - Club Secretary - Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club

    Note: Looks well worth a visit folks :-)
    Posted by StevePotts on Friday, June 28, 2002   

    It certainly has been an eventful time on the porting side of the RISC OS world. Peter Naulls has updated his Unix ports page with what looks to be some fantastic work.

    That's not all though, a little birdy has pointed something quite interesting on the AcornUsers hosted CBSA website in the GNU section with what looks to be ports of GLib, iconv, GTK/GDK and quite a few other libraries contained within (in various states of being).

    Note: Thanks to Iconbar for such a cracking thread!
    Posted by bluebottle on Monday, June 24, 2002 Read full article: 'All go on the porting efforts'   


    At long last, those pie loving folks of Wigan and St. Helens are to get their own, brand new, sparkly and fun Linux user group.

    The first meeting is now to be held at the Moon under the Water, Wigan town centre at 2pm on July 20th.

    All are welcome.

    Note: Changed due to the original venue not being very good, a pain to get to and the need for good beer ;-)

    Akalat Publishing wishes to announce that after publication of Vol. 8 issue 6 (August 2002) the ownership of Acorn Publisher will be transferred from Akalat Publishing to John Cartmell of Fleur Designs who will be responsible for publication of all issues from Vol. 9 issue 1 onwards (October 2002).

    Note: Which is your favourite RISC OS magazine? Vote in the poll
    Posted by MyRISCOS on Wednesday, June 19, 2002 Read full article: 'Acorn Publisher changes hands'   

    A little gem on the RISCOS Ltd website has been brought to our attention via a very unlikely source - usenet!

    After a bit of digging, the following information has been found and it's nice.

    There are 3 offers up for grabs...

    Note: Thanks to Richard Walker for pointing this out

    Unlike some RISC OS mags out there with strange unaccountable delays, dubious changes of editor and other fun excuses, RiscWorld seems to be going from strength to strength with the launch of Vol. 3 of the CD based mag...

    This very morning a straining postman collected all the copies of RISC World for delivery to all our eager readers. So in the next few days a shiny CD containing the latest issue will be dropping through doormats all over the world. For those that don't know RISC World is the subscription only CD based magazine for users of RISC OS computers published by APDL.

    This issue sees a number of exclusives, including Dave Holden's visit to MicroDigital to see a working Omega computer. We also have our Wakefield show report and reviews of Crystal, the first Select CD and of course, TEK.

    Posted by bluebottle on Wednesday, June 05, 2002 Read full article: 'RiscWorld hits Volume 3'   

    The following has been on the BBC World service:

    On the BBC World Service, there has been a lot of coverage, within the last couple of hours, that the German Government has decided to replace all Microsoft-based software/hardware with Linux based software running on IBM machines. This solely for German government projects and admin.

    Sun must have known about this for a long while, if it true. It follows up on the Bavarian/Munich decision of a while back and should not be unexpected.

    Any choice for machines solely based on IBM hardware seems awfully restrictive. On the other hand, it gives Star Office and any OOo groupware a unique opportunity. Not to speak of Ximian's Evolution and similar utilities.

    So, Sun, comments? Is this Bill Gates's "Bend in the Road"?

    Note: News link from the BBC Website. MyRISCOS cannot be held to account for the information or links supplied by the news item held by the BBC. (c) retained by the BBC.

    Simtec Electronics, famous for their ARM processor hardware and more recently, the NET 100 ethernet cards have just announced a range of USB interfaces for the RISC OS market.

    There are two versions. One is an ISA card (USB11-isa) suitable for the RiscStation R7500. The other is a podule version (USB11-pod). This means that they are suitable for Acorn computers, such as the RISC PC, A7000, A5000 and even the lowly A310!

    In addition, there is a full support website that already contains a user guide and full-on Device driver API documentation - culminating in about 300 pages!

    Posted by MyRISCOS on Wednesday, May 29, 2002 Read full article: 'Simtec announce 2 USB cards!'   

    News in from Cerilica and it's very good news indeed...

    Cerilica Vantage new pricing

    Following on from the great reception to Cerilica's premier product re-alignment at the Wakefield show, we are pleased to announce the package's new format and amazing price.

    The Wakefield show saw the launch of Vantage's on-CD electronic manual format. The CD now contains three PDF full manuals, each optimised for on-screen viewing and printing through commercial and freeware applications such as Cerilica's RiScript, !PDF and Adobe's Acrobat. This change in product format has allowed the base price of Vantage to drop significantly from the previous 241.50ukp to 177.50ukp (UK, including package, postage and VAT).


    In yet another exclusive to MyRISCOS, Gareth Simpson of Simtec Electronics, the company who manufacture the motherboards for the RiscStation range and ExpLAN SOLO machine (to name but a few), has given over some of his time to give this interview.

    As with the other interviews, this was conducted by email.


    It's still not here yet but at least we now have photographic evidence that a prototype board may exist.

    Posted by SiliconOwl on Saturday, May 18, 2002   

    And the news you're all waiting for... Roy Heslop at RiscStation has just sent us this missive and it looks good!

    Demonstrations of the RiscStation Portable technology will be held on the RiscStation Stand in the morning and afternoon.

    Special offers on RiscStation Machines.

    • Free upgrades to 128MB Fast Memory and 40GB hard drives on all Plus and Scorcher machines ordered at the show.
    • Free upgrades to 32MB and 10Gb drives on Lite machines.
    • Free optical or wireless scroll mouse with software on all machines.

    The new NET100 card will be on sale at the CTA Stand.

    The new programable expansion ROM kit for the RiscStation 7500 series giving 2MB of user programable EEprom memory (i.e. 6MB of "System ROM" space) will be on sale at the CTA Stand.

    Specical offers

    14" refurb. AKF65 Acorn Multimedia monitors for only √ā¬£49.00 inc.

    17" refurb SVGA monitors √ā¬£85.00 inc.

    21" refurb Iiyama pro √ā¬£165.00 inc.

    HP refurb laser printers from √ā¬£85.00 inc.

    Canon BJC2100 @ √ā¬£59.00 inc.

    and many other memory, hard drive and other equipment deals.

    Exchange your old working Acorn machine for a new shiny RiscStation and Monitor and get a further √ā¬£50.00 off the new discounted prices.

    Posted by bluebottle on Thursday, May 16, 2002   

    This just in from Nathan at VOTI - and it isn't pleasant.

    The majority of RISC OS gamers know that VOTI have not done any development recently and many of you know that I have ceased all in-house software development due to personal differences with RISC OS' lead companies.

    This is an official statement to inform you that VOTI is now officially closed and will not be developing software. The reasons for this are two-fold:

    • Owain (main programmer) now has a job with a software firm and like Paul Thomson he does not want to write software around the clock.
    • Owain and the rest of us feel that the market will not recover from it's current situation and our enthusiasm has gone due to the "head factions" in the RISC OS world.

    What about our software? Our software will remain under the conditions of each respective program original documentation.

    EMD and all other projects (bar one, see below) are cancelled and we will not be releasing the code to the public domain for the forseeable future.

    As mentioned above there is still one project being worked on, the reason for this is that it is set for a commercial release so we are being paid. Like Krisalis software many years ago they left the market after releasing the brilliant Alone In The Dark, VOTI will leave with a bang. I cannot and will not mention any details about the project but it is big and if/when finished will show what a real game is like.

    The VOTI site is now used for my own little hobby but has Java Foul Egg and a small amount of information relating to the RISC OS scene.

    The remaining members are currently taking stock of the situation and may reappear under a different banner just to keep a group spirit.

    Thanks to our supporters, we have had an enjoyable time over the years and made a good number of friends. It is time to close the VOTI era so once again thank you all from Owain, Nathan, Lee, Andrew and Gordon.

    See you around.

    Nathan - Former Team Leader of Visions Of The Impossible.

    Posted by bluebottle on Thursday, May 16, 2002   

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