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    Current News


    Paul Vigay has released Cookie Jar 0.01, a program that allows you to edit cookies on web browsers such as NetSurf, Fresco, Oregano 1, Oregano 2, Oregano 3 and Browse.

    Posted by cheatwarrior on Friday, June 23, 2006 Read full article: 'Cookie Jar 0.01 Released'   

    RISC OS Ltd. have announced that there will now be RISC OS roadshows up north in Newcastle (on Tyne) and Glasgow, Glasgow on the 18Th of October and Newcastle on the 19Th.

    Posted by cheatwarrior on Friday, June 23, 2006 Read full article: 'RISC OS Nothen Roadshow'   

    RISCOS Ltd. have made a short guide available as PDF on their web site, for the upcoming RISC OS Roadshow in the Netherlands.


    A few days ago 7th Software announced that they have released Version 1.09 of MoreDesk. MoreDesk is a program that gives you more Desktop space and lets your organise your Windows.


    Cretin 0.20b Released 5712 Reads applications
    Cretin is a IRC Client first developed in 2002 by the Sidwell brothers and was released by James Scholes around christmas time 2005.
    James has released Version 0.20b around a month back.

    Posted by cheatwarrior on Monday, June 05, 2006 Read full article: 'Cretin 0.20b Released'   

    Html Edit Studio 6 5233 Reads applications
    R-Comp have been busy, and in case you don't know they released HTML Edit 6 a couple of weeks ago, so here's the reasons why you should upgrade:

    New updated versions of all programs
    Improved Interfaces
    Better Image Conversion
    Improved handling of file extensions
    Iyonix and A9Home friendly
    Comes on a CD-Rom
    Electronic Manual

    Posted by cheatwarrior on Monday, June 05, 2006 Read full article: 'Html Edit Studio 6'   

    MarsQuake Heaven 6333 Reads funandhumour
    Blasts of the Xtreme have recently been releasing around 3 MarsQuake games per day and are still being developed.

    So, when you have some free time why don't check out

    <marsquake can="can" be="be" downloaded="downloaded" href=""></marsquake>

    Posted by cheatwarrior on Friday, June 02, 2006   

    RISCOS Ltd. have announced a special offer for their RISC OS Adjust ROMs in celebration of the 7th Aniversary of the agreement with Element 14.

    Posted by StevePotts on Wednesday, February 22, 2006 Read full article: 'RISC OS Adjust ROMs special offer'   

    The Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club have after much debate and reviews, once again decided to run another Wakefield Show.

    Posted by Wakeman on Thursday, February 02, 2006 Read full article: 'Wakefield RISCOS Show 2006 Announcement'   

    Recent RISC OS News 12125 Reads news
    With the RISC OS Roadshow looming fast (It's this week!), now is the time to get all those last minute Christmas software or hardware updates for your favourite OS.

    Posted by StevePotts on Tuesday, December 13, 2005 Read full article: 'Recent RISC OS News'   

    Matthias Seifert has just announced the latest release (1.26) of his System Information and Configuration Kit tool (SICK).


    On December 1st, Castle Launched a new Iyonix special offer. Until 31st January 2006, you can get up to 50% off an LCD monitor when purchasing an Iyonix PC.

    Posted by StevePotts on Saturday, December 03, 2005 Read full article: 'Castle Special 2005 Christmas offer'   

    With December fast approaching, the RISC OS Ltd. RISC OS Roadshow becomes ever closer.

    RISC OS Ltd. have gathered all the exibitor details and have been able to release the details who who's attending which venues. Although there is a slight regional variation, many exibitors are attending 2 or more of the venues.


    The other day, RISCOS Ltd. announced that details of the RISC OS Christmas Roadshow have now been finalised. This is a chance for any last minute RISC OS bargains before Christmas, as well as being able to meet and talk in person with some of the various dealers, for those who've been unable to attend other shows throughout the year.

    Of particular note, is that although two of the days are week days, they have been scheduled for late afternoon - early evening to allow those people who are busy during the working day to still attend in the evening.


    In a surprise announcement this evening, the SIMON team, speaking through Matt Edgar of Advantage Six Ltd. have released a new product for the A9 Home Computer.


    With the the Wakefield 2005 show now less than two weeks away (21st / 22nd May), Chris Hugues, Wakefield Show Organiser has sent us a news update.


    Castle have announced a £350 CASHBACK offer on new Iyonix computers from now until the UK
    General Election is over.


    Stuart Tyrrell Developments Phone number changes...


    Tematic Moves 10776 Reads announcements
    Following a recruitment drive in December 2004, The Tematic division of Castle Technology Ltd has taken on several more full-time have now moved to larger premises.

    Posted by StevePotts on Monday, April 11, 2005 Read full article: 'Tematic Moves'   

    Wakefield Show organiser, Chris Hughes has been in touch with an update on this year's Charity Stall...


    Wakefield 2005 Update 10680 Reads announcements
    Chris Hughes, show organiser has contacted us with more details about the forthcoming show.

    Posted by StevePotts on Tuesday, April 05, 2005 Read full article: 'Wakefield 2005 Update'   

    Yesterday was the RISC OS South West Show at Loxton near Weston-Super-Mare.


    Stuart Tyrrell Developments have once again brought us a seasonal special offer. Following on from their Advent Prize Draw and January Sale, we now are treated to a special offer for Valentine's Day.

    This offer is brought to us in conjunction with RISC OS Ltd and gives a special price on a fully populated Unipod, with RISC OS Adjust, a preinstalled hard drive and a £50 voucher for subscrption to the Select Scheme.

    All of the above for only £290.

    Rather than try to reword the excellent press release from STD, we thought we'd quote it below for your amusement...


    Mike Glover of Icon Technology wrote to us a little while ago about the availability of Easiwriter and Techwriter 8.31, thanks to the efforts of Martin Wuerthner.

    The new versions are fully 26/32 bit compatible meaning they will run on anything from RISC OS 3.5 to RISC OS 5.

    Posted by StevePotts on Sunday, February 13, 2005 Read full article: 'Easiwriter / Techwriter 8.31 released'   

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