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    DA's Picture

    Description: The Acorn version of DA's Picture from Digital Arts is now officially declared 'Freeware'. The program was released in 1994. It is an 24 Bit image processor and will work on RISC OS 3.5 or higher (it has been tested with RISC OS 4.24 and StrongARM processor). The program is released as it is - there will be no further development.
    Version: 1.05 | File size: 524.33 Kb
    Added on: 14-Jan-2002 | Downloads: 1308
    Home page | Details

    !Printers 1.64a

    Description: Updated version of printers version 1.64 released by RISC OS Ltd, however, they state that 'Full featured versions will in future be available as part of the RISC OS Select Scheme'.

    Perhaps this is the last release for non-select users?!? Get it now!
    Version: 1.64a | File size: 381.89 Kb
    Added on: 28-Aug-2001 | Downloads: 1117
    Home page | Details

    RISC OS 4 ISO Image


    RISC OS 4 Installation CD ISO image. (without bundled applications) N.B. 300 MB of data- You will need fast internet access !!

    Version: 4 | File size: 2.93 MB
    Added on: 08-Jul-2002 | Downloads: 1039
    Home page | Details


    Description: InterGif is a program for making GIF images from RiscOS sprite files (2bpp to 24bpp), or from Draw files, or from other GIFs, or from files produced with Iota Software's animation program The Complete Animator. It can also convert from GIFs back to sprites, and can optimise animated GIFs so they take less time to download.
    Version: 6.12 | File size: 73.00 Kb
    Added on: 16-Sep-2001 | Downloads: 818
    Home page | Details


    Description: Nettle is currently the coolest Terminal Emulator for RISC OS. So far it supports vt100, vt102, vt220 and xterm (with or without colour!).

    Planned is vt320 and vt52.

    Also has ANSI Task window feature which allows unix programs such as lynx to run under RISC OS natively.
    Version: 0.2040r | File size: 97.80 Kb
    Added on: 20-Dec-2001 | Downloads: 804
    Home page | Details

    RISC OS 3 Universal !Boot

    Description: This disc image is intended for use on a locally-booting system running RISC OS >=3.10.

    You will need approximately 6Mb of free space on your hard drive to perform the extraction and installation
    Version: N/A | File size: 2.66 MB
    Added on: 18-Nov-2001 | Downloads: 798
    Home page | Details

    Background Control


    This small application allows the user to configure a set of backdrops from which the computer randomly picks at a configurable interval to then display as the Pinboard backdrop. This can be done once only (the program can be told to quit after running) or every so many seconds.

    Version: 2.09 | File size: 0 bytes
    Added on: 16-Jun-2004 | Downloads: 740
    Home page | Details


    Description: GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP. Because it does not use the patented IDEA algorithm (by default), it can be used without any restrictions. GnuPG is a RFC 2440 (OpenPGP) compliant application.

    English version, No IDEA algorithm.

    (You also need CryptRandom Module (Theo Markettos) and possibly other downloads from the GnuPG Home Page)
    Version: 1.2.3-sb1 | File size: 893.14 Kb
    Added on: 20-Aug-2001 | Downloads: 666 | Rating: 8.0 (1 Vote)

    Home page | Details | Comments (1)



    Very competant audio sampling software, able to record, edit, amplify and filter samples whole, or over selected regions. Sonor has a simple-but-effecive interface and can import from, and export to, many audio formats. The software is compatable with many interfaces & the resources on the home page give information for creating your own drivers for more recent hardware as well as instructions for using the software.

    Version: 1.07 | File size: 129.74 Kb
    Added on: 27-Aug-2001 | Downloads: 659
    Home page | Details



    !Riscsearch is a meta-search-engine for RISCOS. At the moment,it combines up to 9 different internet search engines to let them act like a single one, which gives you a much wider search result.

    Version: 0.71� | File size: 107.56 Kb
    Added on: 30-Sep-2001 | Downloads: 658
    Home page | Details


    Description: !MakeModes app- Make your own or customize MDFs.
    Version: | File size: 0 bytes
    Added on: 08-Jul-2002 | Downloads: 652
    Home page | Details

    PHP-mode for StrongEd


    This is a simple StrongEd mode file, for PHP files. And gives syntax coloring on PHP commands and functions.

    Version: 18/12/200 | File size: 8.81 Kb
    Added on: 18-Sep-2001 | Downloads: 629
    Home page | Details


    Description: A RISCOS version of the popular Audio Galaxy Satellite program for Windoze. After creating an account
    at it allows you to search for and download MP3's.

    Version: 1.03 | File size: 24.44 Kb
    Added on: 01-Sep-2001 | Downloads: 628 | Rating: 8.0 (1 Vote)

    Home page | Details | Comments (1)

    Enigma Simulator


    Enigma is a mechanical encryptions device that was used by the Germans during WWII. Many simulations are available under Windows, but none for RISC OS, until now! Unlike most other simulation (such as the various Java Applets around) this version produces correct results and has been tested against real Enigma devices.

    Version: 0.11 | File size: 398.74 Kb
    Added on: 31-Aug-2001 | Downloads: 613
    Home page | Details

    ViNCe 1.5

    Description: VNC Client for RISCOS.

    Version: 1.5 | File size: 256.00 Kb
    Added on: 08-Jul-2002 | Downloads: 608
    Home page | Details


    Description: ArmTCP is a small, reliable, multi-ISP dialler. It prefers to hold comms apps in a single folder - which it can
    display in it's own filer-type display - but this is not essential for the program to function.

    Ajith is also extremely helpful should things go wrong, which, beyond the initial mildly complex setting up, is
    Version: 0.17a | File size: 150.31 Kb
    Added on: 27-Aug-2001 | Downloads: 606
    Home page | Details


    Description: BookMaker is an address book & browser hotlist manager supporting a wide range of RISC OS browsers and email clients.

    This version is the 'Stand Alone' version rather than the 'Argonet Voyager' integrated version.
    Version: 1.63 | File size: 350.41 Kb
    Added on: 19-Aug-2001 | Downloads: 603
    Home page | Details



    RISC OS port of Derek B Noonburg's xpdf program, originally ported by Leo Smiers and now extended by Colin Granville. Needs Toolbox and 32bit SharedCLibrary from Castle.

    Version: | File size: 1.93 MB
    Added on: 14-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 603
    Home page | Details


    Description: View Excel files / workbooks - early development, looks ok but YMMV!
    Version: 0.07 | File size: 54.18 Kb
    Added on: 14-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 546
    Home page | Details



    !FTPc is an internet ftp client for RISC OS. It enables you to drag and drop files and directories to and from your web site or from any other ftp site on the internet.

    Version: 1.44 | File size: 164.86 Kb
    Added on: 19-Aug-2001 | Downloads: 529 | Rating: 9.0 (2 Votes)

    Home page | Details | Comments (2)



    The tool is primarilly aimed at those times where people have got a problem with their machine not booting properly or some odd behaviour and want help from the RISC OS community but are not sure what information to gather or how.

    Version: 1.14 | File size: 16.93 Kb
    Added on: 19-Jun-2007 | Downloads: 499
    Home page | Details

    Text > Draw


    Text>Draw is an application to ease the production of such text objects. Text can be produced containing multilevel super- and sub-scripts, greek or other symbols, changes of font face (bold,

    italic, bold-italic), in an essentially WYSIWYG editor. The script text can be different in size to the base text. The resultant composite text object can be saved into Draw or any similar application.

    Version: 1.20 | File size: 192.38 Kb
    Added on: 05-Jul-2007 | Downloads: 479
    Home page | Details

    ArtWorks2 AWViewer 210

    Description: AWViewer is a standalone Artworks file viewer for those users without Artworks itself. This latest version supports all the advanced features such as transparency.

    Within AWViewer is the AWRenderer module which allows third party apps supporting Artworks to view the latest output from Artworks2.
    Version: 2.10 | File size: 211 bytes
    Added on: 16-Jul-2007 | Downloads: 478
    Home page | Details

    VNC Server

    Description: Improvements to Hernik Bjerregaard Pedersen's VNC server
    Version: 0.10 | File size: 0 bytes
    Added on: 23-Oct-2007 | Downloads: 461
    Home page | Details



    VZap is one of the most popular anti-virus applications available and is 32-Bit compatible.

    Version: 1.39 | File size: 9.67 Kb
    Added on: 25-Jun-2007 | Downloads: 428
    Home page | Details


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