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    Category: Information

    The news items published under this category are as follows.

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    London show photos 6804 Reads collaboration

    Peter Howkins has published some photographs from the recent London RISC OS show.

    Posted by Anonymous on Monday, October 05, 2009 Read full article: 'London show photos'   

    It's show time! 7664 Reads news

    On the eve of the Wakefield show, exhibitors will no doubt be frantically preparing so will be forgiven if they're not answering the phones today. The usual wave of press releases have started to flow and some private and public speculation and hints about potential punter purchases has been happening in various discussions.

    Posted by cobalt on Friday, April 24, 2009 Read full article: 'It's show time!'   

    Myriscos Links 5071 Reads announcements
    Given the renewed interest in the site, we've taken the time to overhaul the "Web Links" section.

    Posted by StevePotts on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 Read full article: 'Myriscos Links'   

    Those keen historians amongs us will already be aware that it is approaching 10 years since Acorn Computers Ltd's. announcement which became known as Black Thursday, back in September 1998. This led to the formation of RISCOS Ltd. in January 1999 and they have now entered their 10th year of trading.

    Posted by StevePotts on Thursday, January 10, 2008 Read full article: 'Happy Birthday RISCOS Ltd.'   

    December will very soon be upon us, and whilst that is a sign of urgency for many people in the UK to start their Christmas Shopping, there is also another important event with the start of December - The RISC OS Christmas Show 2007.

    Posted by StevePotts on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 Read full article: 'Midlands Show - This Saturday'   

    Following our earlier Pre-Show news update, there have been more pre-show announcements of products becoming available including a MAC version of Virtual RISC PC which was possibly not expected! So hopefully there will be a few more nice surprises before the end of the show.

    Posted by StevePotts on Thursday, May 17, 2007 Read full article: 'More products for Wakefield'   

    We noticed this afternoon, shortly after lunch, that the Drobe web portal appears to have lost many recent articles going back from the present to 3rd of December 2006 (the most recent article up there at the time of writing).

    Maybe they've had a hardware or disc crash and had to restore from an older backup. Hopefully this is just a temporary set back and that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. All the best guys.

    It would be a shame to have lost all that pointless, wild, and uninformed speculation in the forums about the possible (or not) release of RISC OS source code and legal issues surrounding it, posted by so many people who just don't have a clue. :-)

    Posted by StevePotts on Monday, January 22, 2007   

    Mesage from Sion Cleaver of Blasts of the Xtreme "We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.10 of Era of the Phoenix.

    In this new version, an extra map is added due to there being two copies of the same map. Thanks to Toopah for sorting that out!

    All copies of Era of the Phoenix sold after this date will contain version 1.10 or better.

    Everyone in our database of users will receive the update via e-mail very soon."

    Posted by cheatwarrior on Sunday, January 07, 2007   

    This coming Saturday is the ARM Club's Midlands Show. Held at a new venue this year, the show is a one day event from 10am to 4pm.

    Posted by cobalt on Wednesday, November 22, 2006 Read full article: 'ARM Club Midlands Show - 25th November 2005'   

    A massive fire has wiped out a third of the motorcycles at the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham. 650 machines, out of the 900 collection, valued at an estimated £8m have been destroyed.

    Fire investigators say the blaze, reported at 4.40pm yesterday (16th Sept), started in boxes old air conditioning units, triggered by a carelessly disgarded cigarrette.

    Posted by MyRISCOS on Wednesday, September 17, 2003 Read full article: 'Fire wipes out Acorn Midlands show venue'   

    New news feeds 5647 Reads announcements
    From today you will be able to see, once registered and logged in, three new news feeds on the site. Those of Drobe Launchpad, RISC OS C Programming Info and the Unix Porting Project which should nicely add to the mix of news and information already available on this site and the news feeds we also carry from, The IconBar and Acorn Arcade

    Posted by MyRISCOS on Tuesday, June 03, 2003   

    Ever since it was announced more than a month ago, Castle's 600MHz RISC OS 5 Iyonix PC has been the hot topic for just about all RISC OS users.

    Castle are releasing more information about the Iyonix all the time (despite the secrecy that understandably shrouded its original launch), and there are also many of us keen to check out any developments in the systems on show since the last time we saw the Iyonix.

    It's good news, then, that Castle's Managing Director, Jack Lillingston, will be demonstrating the Iyonix at M25EROUG on the evening of Monday 25th November, and at ROUGOL on the evening of Monday 16th December.

    What's more, both meetings have free admittance and are open to all!

    Posted by dgs on Sunday, November 24, 2002 Read full article: 'Iyonix at two user groups'   

    The mercurial John Cartmell has emailed this to me...

    Acorn Publisher has long been considered one of the best magazines in the Acorn / RISC OS market. One of its few failings has been the lack of a complementary web-site. We're putting right that deficiency. See:

    The new Acorn Publisher website

    Note Acorn Publisher is not a magazine solely for publishers; it's a magazine for all Acorn/RISC OS users.

    Posted by bluebottle on Wednesday, September 18, 2002 Read full article: 'It's all go go go at Acorn Publisher'   

    Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club Wednesday 4th September 2002 - 7:45pm.

    This month brings another first for the RISC OS community. Mike Cook returns to visit us with a demonstration of a RISC OS computer controling a lego mindstorm robot. Most people will be familiar with the lego toys, but over recent years, they have moved forward with technology and can now have little computers on board that can be programmed by desktop machines. This talk should be quite an interesting one, don‚Äėt miss out!

    So, pencil in this event - remember, it's Wednesday 4th September, 2002.

    Doors open at 7:15 pm approx. Meetings start 7:45 prompt.

    There is ample FREE car parking at the venue, and a bar for refreshments.

    For more information please see the Club website

    The website has a map and directions showing how to reach us.


    Roy Heslop, head chappy at RiscStation has sent us through some much needed information regarding the laptop.

    "First, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have waited patiently for news on the laptop. I can appreciate that people are waiting and have paid up and that the delays are very annoying, but I can say that the wait is almost over"

    Note: Which hardware will be first to market? Vote in our poll

    Peter Naulls has opened up his port scheme which for a minute 25 quid for 6 months enables you to get a pile of RISC OS ports, with support, of some really good software.

    For more details, have a look Peter's website


    And the news you're all waiting for... Roy Heslop at RiscStation has just sent us this missive and it looks good!

    Demonstrations of the RiscStation Portable technology will be held on the RiscStation Stand in the morning and afternoon.

    Special offers on RiscStation Machines.

    • Free upgrades to 128MB Fast Memory and 40GB hard drives on all Plus and Scorcher machines ordered at the show.
    • Free upgrades to 32MB and 10Gb drives on Lite machines.
    • Free optical or wireless scroll mouse with software on all machines.

    The new NET100 card will be on sale at the CTA Stand.

    The new programable expansion ROM kit for the RiscStation 7500 series giving 2MB of user programable EEprom memory (i.e. 6MB of "System ROM" space) will be on sale at the CTA Stand.

    Specical offers

    14" refurb. AKF65 Acorn Multimedia monitors for only √ā¬£49.00 inc.

    17" refurb SVGA monitors √ā¬£85.00 inc.

    21" refurb Iiyama pro √ā¬£165.00 inc.

    HP refurb laser printers from √ā¬£85.00 inc.

    Canon BJC2100 @ √ā¬£59.00 inc.

    and many other memory, hard drive and other equipment deals.

    Exchange your old working Acorn machine for a new shiny RiscStation and Monitor and get a further √ā¬£50.00 off the new discounted prices.

    Posted by bluebottle on Thursday, May 16, 2002   

    Just a reminder to everyone that the show is nearly upon us and that if you are wanting your tickets in advance then you can do so one of three ways.

    Either by post,

    Credit card orders via the website or by phone credit card order.

    Please visit the show website and following the link for admission for full details of prices, snail mail address and for credit card order the link to the ordering system, sponsored and run by Spelling Computer Systems on our behalf.

    Please note the snail mail address is being changed this weekend, any mail sent to the old address will automatically be redirected to the new address provided you address the letter per the website details.


    Closing date for the receipt of advance orders is Monday 13th May, credit card orders can be processed on the 14th if booked before noon.

    Any received after this time can not be certain of having the tickets returned in time.

    So get your orders in NOW!

    Posted by bluebottle on Tuesday, May 07, 2002   

    Omega gets closer! 5577 Reads alerts
    Microdigital have revealed that their long overdue Omega computer looks to be on for a Novemeber launch.

    Posted by bluebottle on Monday, April 29, 2002 Read full article: 'Omega gets closer!'   

    An opportunity not to be missed!

    If you'd like to help publicise the Wakefield 2002 show, please visit and go to the "News" page, where you'll be able to download some posters in PDF and/or Draw format. Your help greatly appreciated. Let's make this year's show THE BEST!


    Posted by ruthie_riscos on Friday, April 19, 2002   

    Tau Press the publishers of Acorn User have announced that Robert Donaldson has taken over the helm.

    Good luck Rob - from past experience, you'll need it ;-)

    Posted by bluebottle on Thursday, April 18, 2002   

    With just over a month to go, the Wakefield 2002 Acorn RISC OS Show is nearly upon us. With this in mind, we are asking for donations to the Bring and Buy Charity stall. If you have any items that you would like to donate but are unable to bring them to the show, we are pleased to announce that goods can be sent prior to the show to the following address:

    Wakefield Hospice (Fund Raising) Ltd
    Hemingway House
    Thornes Moor Business Park
    Thornes Moor Road
    WF2 8PG

    Please note that The Wakefield Hospice fundraising department can accept deliveries direct by hand between 8:30am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

    All donations are gratefully received, please keep them coming. Thank you.

    For information about the show, visit the show
    website at
    Steve Potts, Co-Organiser - Wakefield 2002, The Acorn RISC OS Show.

    Posted by stevepotts on Sunday, April 14, 2002   

    Mike Stubbs has stepped down from AU after 6 months in charge. He gave no reasons why, but has affirmed his dedication to the platform and to stay active within it.

    The question now is who will take over the mantle which seems to have become somewhat of a poisoned chalice over the past year or so with no less than 3 editors (counting John Cartmell as well).

    As usual, there is nothing on the AU website about this and very little on usenet.

    The full article is on Drobe

    Posted by bluebottle on Friday, April 12, 2002   

    Noticed this on Slashdot...

    Encore's Simputer, 'The handheld for the masses', which is StrongARM based, appears to be due to release in May.


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