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    Articles: News update: RiscLua, DragCom, Doom and more

    Friday, August 05, 2011 - 03:09 PM, (6141 Reads)

    Gavin Wraith has updated RiscLua to version 5.30. For those unfamiliar with Lua, it is a light and easy to learn programming language, designed for portability, extendibility and embeddability. You can download the latest version for free from Gavin's webpage.

    Dorian Computing have released an updated version of DragCom, a utility used for running a specified command on a filename (or any other argument) given to it. Dorian Computing have also released a new utility named !CutF12, the program's sole purpose is to disable the F12 button which allows users to enter commands. You can download both applications from Dorian's webpage.

    Jeff Doggett has updated his port of Doom to version 1.10, this version includes new support for FreeDoom games. The source is also available for you nosey folk out there from the same webpage.

    Two new RISC OS news sites have appeared, the first being The RISC OS Blog and the second being The RISC OS News Network, the former is updated regularly with news items and other RISC OS related articles while the latter provides feeds from other RISC OS and ARM related news and discussion sites. Both websites are welcome additions to the RISC OS community.

    Kevin Wells has released !Shutdown, a simple utility that sits on the left side of the iconbar, when pressed it shuts down the computer. It has sparked controversy on the RISC OS newsgroups however due to its name clashing with at least two other applications, a long-lost public domain application and !Shutdown from Steve Potts.

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